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Fire Rated Doors 


As every minute matters in case of a fire, Royal Met-Dor offers a range of fire rated doors for the critical magnitude of buildings and areas to restrain the spread of fire.

Fire doors meet all the relevant criteria having been tested as per IS3614 Part II-1992. We offer fire rating doors 60 to 120 minutes (Stability & Integrity)

Royal Met-Dor’s Fire Doors are available in Single and double door configuration in both standards size and customs design, to compliment the door sets, we provide an extensive range of imported locks, ironmongery, vision panels and panic device to suit various application of architects and esteemed clients. Fire rated doors with panic devises for emergency exits are the ideal solution.





  IT Parks


  Shopping Malls

  High rise buildings

  Industrial plants

  Power plants

  Mobile base Terminal Stations

  Garment processing units


  Explosives Industries



  Galvanized painted 

 Fire rating – 2 Hrs (Stability

     and integrity)

  Shutter thickness – 46mm

  Fully flush construction

  Robust structure

  Pre-finished to receive all   

     types of hardware    

  Provision for electronic access

    controls incorporated

  Zero Maintenance